Two Iberians - Caucasian and Pyrenean, the two barns of the best wine in the world have come together to give you this nob le, exquisite aroma of Spanish wine created by mixing the varieties of French, Spanish and Georgian grapes that passed the apple-milk fermentation in oak barrels for 15-18 days. Here comes the fruit of a noble drink, which later moves into new barrels of French oak, where it is kept for a minimum of 6 months.

Our wine work of art is the result of the modern technologies with the oldest ones, traditionally practiced by winemakers of two Iberians - Pyrenean and Caucasian. We keep the balance - getting the best of the old and supporting the development of the new.

The wine is distributed exclusively by subscription, with a quota system and an advance reservation. In total, up to 5.000 bottles are produced per year.


Enjoying the perfumed wine "The Prince of Georgia" you will feel the trilogy of grape varieties: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aleksandrouli accompanied by notes of tobacco, truffles, black pepper, asparagus, touches of leather and wild roses, and the aftertaste will reveal the delicate aroma of blueberries, blackberries, violets and spices, complemented by subtle nuances of smoke.

You will feel a complex wine rich in flavor with tangible and silky tannins of great power, which combines with an exquisite taste and elegance in a harmonious way.


The entire deposit of the perfumed wine "El Principe de Georgia" was sold within 10 days from the sales launch.
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Perfume - El Príncipe de Georgia


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